This is Leroy! He joined the family December 2016 when his mother rejected him after giving birth. Leroy enjoys walking with his new mom Cindy and loves giving milky kisses.

The Goats

And what's a big old red barn  if you don't have a couple of SHEEP? We have two sheep at the Farm. Teddy, a white Suffolk and Munchie, a Texas Dall. Inseperable, wherever Teddy goes Munchie is never to far behind.

**Meet TimBit! Timbit was brought to us in the Fall and has become like a brother to Teddy and Munchie



The other members of the family decided we needed Donkeys, so we got Allan. He is Very mischievous as you can see.
As we laid awake at night listening to him bray or in layman's terms cried, and complained of his loneliness, the younger members of the family, found Gracie. Gracie is quite shy, but she is getting better.

Gracie delivered a healthy baby boy July 2015. Chester is quite the adolescent and enjoying playing with his tarp and going for runs. 

Belle came to us a few springs in need of a home. She is the oldest member of the Critter Family. She loves Pumpkin, apples and strawberries.

Oscar joined our family this summer. He's a spunky, full of energy "kid"


The piggies came to us early in the spring a few years ago. FRED, WILMA and yes..BARNEY. As the winters pass, they are growing considerably. At bedtime snack consisting of apples, stawberries or popcorn they tell me how much they dislike our cold winter, as this is their third one especially Fred. 

A few years ago we expanded our pet family to critters that needed a loving home. As you can see it expanded by quite a bit...

​Willy was brought to us after he was a prank turned wrong. He was left in someones house as a "house warming" gag. Now, he warms our hearts with his quirky personality and snuggles

Leroy the Cow

Can't have a farm without a couple of ducks.